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Ceiling function is not working for all values

Hi, someone created a calculated dimension for me to take our Style price and mark it up by 440% and round up to the nearest 5.  For example, a style price is $68 and marked up it comes out to $299.20 and we want it rounded up to $300.  This has been working for us, but I just discovered an issue with some prices.  I have a style price of $125 that is calculating to $550 and that is what appears for the retail, which is correct.  But I have a style price of $112.50 that should come out to $495, however this calculation is making it come out at $500.  Why would it round up the number $495 to $500, but not round up $550 to $555?  It seems to only be happening with this particular number.  If the calculation result is ending with the number 5, then I need it to stay at that number and not round it up so that it ends in 0.  Should I change the ceiling amount from 5 to something else?


I'd appreciate any assistance.  Thank you!

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I don't understand the full logic of your expression, for example the condition StyleMetal = StyleMetal is always true, right?

If you could post a small sample application or sample data, this might help to understand.

Please note that rounding floating point values may show some issues:


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I'm not sure I understand the logic entirely either as someone else wrote this, but StyleMetal either equals Gold or Silver so I'm not sure why he used StyleMetal = StyleMetal.  The logic should be if StyleMetal does not equal Silver, then take StylePrice * 4, otherwise if StyleMetal = Silver the StylePrice should be multiplied by 4.4 with a ceiling of 5.  I attached some sample data from the object, so I hope this helps.

Thank you!

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It looks, like somewhere after '.' it is some value. But why????