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Changing variables inside expressions on button click

Currently i have two charts. One for local curr and other for converted curr.

I want to make it into one by using variable in the expression. the variable has the text for currency conversion formula


On button click if variable =1 then use variable value (*(CurrExchRate/Convert2CurrExchRate))else null.

How can I do it? Not much idea on buttons. Please help.

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Please see the attached QVW file.

I created a couple of buttons. One is available when vTEST variable = 1. The other one is available when vTEST variable <> 1.

On general tab, you can find "Enable condition" box. Input enable condition in this box.

Then set necessary actions on Action tab; in this case setting Variables.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


Please find attach file hope it helps you.