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Chart behaving weirdly

Hi All,


I have a chart which is behaving weirdly. Could someone please advise? Is the issue in the chart or the code?

Note under the chart "Axis->Dimension Axis" properties when I disable continuous it works normal.

Below is the code for my dimension:

if(Date(ApplyMap('SemesterStartDate',ADMIT_TERM & '_' & ACAD_CAREER))-(20*7)>=APPL_SUBMITTED_DT,'-20',num(Floor((APPL_SUBMITTED_DT-Date(ApplyMap('SemesterStartDate',ADMIT_TERM & '_' & ACAD_CAREER)))/7),'00')) as [Applied Week],

The code for the expression:

Count(distinct {$<[Appliation Submit Date]={'<=$(=Date(vMaxApplDateLY))'},[Academic Year]={'$(vPrevAcadYear)'}>} AppAdmEnr.EMPLID)

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What is weird about that chart?


Hi Sunny_talwar,

Many thanks for your response. well the chart below is not supposed to show the strange curve which I have circled in black in my new screenshot. It is supposed to show the cumulative number of applications over time as we get closer to the semester.

Hope this makes sense. Do I have something wrong in the formula?


Looking just at your expression... nothing seems to stand out which could be causing this issue. May be it is related to data? Are you able to share a sample to see the issue?


Hey Sunny,

I have found out that this code makes it behave badly compared to the other code:

Code with which it behaves wrong:

Count(distinct {$<[Appliation Submit Date]={'<=$(=Date(vCombined_Adm_Progn_Max_SemesterNO_Last_year_max_app_date_LY))'},[Semester Year Name]=,[SemesterNO]={$(vCombined_Adm_Progn_Max_SemesterNO_Last_year)}>} AppAdmEnr.EMPLID)

Code with which it behaves ok:

=if(Count(distinct {$<[Semester Year Name]=,SemesterNO={$(=vCombined_Adm_Progn_Max_SemesterNO)},[Appliation Submit Date]={'<=$(=Date(today()))'}>} AppAdmEnr.EMPLID)>0,
rangesum(Above(Count(distinct {$<[Semester Year Name]=,SemesterNO={$(=vCombined_Adm_Progn_Max_SemesterNO)},[Appliation Submit Date]={'<=$(=Date(today()))'}>} AppAdmEnr.EMPLID),0,RowNo())))

Any Idea what is the difference? I have attached 2 screenshots to show this. BTW I don't understand the code much as I am not the one who created it. I think I need both codes because it is a comparison of this year vs last year. So each code works differently. When the code calculating the line changes, it will be because a slicer has changed. You can even see that in the images.

Many thanks in advance for your help. Sorry if I am not able to share some data.