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Contributor III
Contributor III

Chart count substring

I have a data set that includes a pay code.  Each entry can have more than one pay code.  I want to display a count of all pay codes.  But I don't want to create a sub string in the load statement because I don't want a new row created for each instance when the data encounters a record with multiple pay codes.rowcount.PNG



I tried creating a calculated dimension where =SubField(TCF_LINE_PAY_WEB_CODE, ', ') and then doing an expression Count({<METRIC_VALUE={'TCF'}>}Distinct INTEGRATION_ID). But when I select certain pay codes they don't align. For example, If I click pay code 4 in the chart, pay code 12 is displayed on the pie chart.


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Why not move the TCF_LINE_PAY_WEB_CODE as a separate table and do the subfield in script?
so no duplicate rows of the main table occur