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Clear All Doesn't Work Right...

Hello all,

I have a list of filters with geographic information for my page navigation, and I'd like to clear lower levels of selection when a higher level changes. 

In order to guide the users in their navigation, I'm only showing the lower levels of geography once the higher level has been selected (i.e. Show condition in Layout is set to only display when the higher level exists in GetCurrentSelections()).  Unfortunately, one county may be in several states, or one ZIP code in several counties.  This means that changing the higher geographic selection does not always clear the lower one.

For example:



               ZIP Code

When I change a selection in County, I would like to automatically have the selection for ZIP clear (since a ZIP code can be in two counties).  I have tried using document level filters for the County field - OnChange for country = Clear Field ZIP.  When I set this, though, QV won't allow me to select ANYTHING in the ZIP field, even though I set it to the OnChange event.

Does anyone know a way around this?  I'm sure macros could do it, but I don't want to add any to this dashboard.

Thanks in advance!


Also, unable to share a sample due to company policy.  Sorry.

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