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Clear one listbox based on the selection of another listbox

hi all,

I want to clear a listbox based on the selected value in more than one listbox. i tried using field event trigger on select but the values don't clear out. please help.

here when the user selects recordwise from "Recordwise/ "table& then PAN from Kpi table, the listbox Pan_indicator is displayed. and when 'Unique Customer Wise' is selected along with PAN from KPI, listbox kpi_pan is displayed.

The selection from Pan_Indicator is affecting the subsequent selection and so i want to clear off the value selected in listbox  Pan_indicator when the user switches from recordwise PAN to Unique Customer wise PAN.


Please help

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Master II
Master II

you may write contents of your listboxes into a variable and then create a trigger "on change" of this variable.