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Combo chart - a stack bar and line issue


I have created a combo chart, with 2 expressions and 2 dimensions and 2 axis. When both the expressions are enabled.  The stack bar turns into a group bars, when the line expression is disabled, the other expression is shown in stack bar. The line expression is an aggregate expression i.e  I am doing aggregate of one of the dimensions, where as the bar expression is just a sum.

I am expecting like the below one which is made in excel.


but I am getting like this when line expression is enabled.


How do I again aggregate the dimension 2 ( having values like An, Cr, Pr,Sa, UL) and show it in stack format. The line expression is aggregated over dimension 1( having values like Ag,Ba,Co,In).

Thanks in advance


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You cannot use stacked option in Combo chart.

You can have 2 charts and make it one as Transparent background.

For your case

Line Chart: 1 dimension, 1 expression, it should be lower.

Bar Chart (Stacked): 2 dimension, 1 Expression, Background should be transparent(Colors tab --> Frame Background). should be above the line chart.