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Comparing data over previous years

Hi all,

I would like to compare the turnover for previous years at the same date.

For instance we are the 15th of April 2014, so I would like to compare the turnover at the same date for previous years:

I mean trurnover in 15th April 2009, 15th April 2010, 15 th April 2011 ... 'till 15th 2014 in order to compare the same situation over the years.

An idea how to do that ?


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I found the issue.

It works when i insert manually the date:


But the result is not correct when I use the expression


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Looks like date formatiing issue....

check what gives you:

in text field.

Check what value has your v_sel_date variable. I have numeric representation like 38428 (in settings/variable overview ).

Try to change in your calendar object where you setting v_sel_date format (overide document settings/Number tab) to date.

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OK works with:


Thanks a lot. Good job.

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