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Creator III
Creator III

Complex count



I have the following tabel


Client_Number   Client_Contract_Number   Quantity

A                                  11                                                 1

A                                  22                                                  3

B                                  33                                                 2


Clienta numbers are unique

Cleint contract number are uniques and also are conected to client number.


I need do get COUT(quntity) for each contract and COUNT(quantity) for each Client .


I can do it by two separated LOAD statments. Is it possible to get necessary COUNTS within one LOAD statement by showing some additinal parameters?


Thank you in advance!


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Specialist II
Specialist II

by using Count(quantity) it will always break down to your deepest layer of dimensions.
you can set the TOTAL Qualifier Change that:
Count(TOTAL <Client_Number> quantity)
Count(TOTAL <Client_Contract_Number> quantity)

that Expression should do the trick for you.


first of all, you want to count the quantity or sum it?

Also, you are looking for this to be done in the script? in a single load aggregating over different dimensions? I don't think this is possible. Can you elaborate on the context of this thing. May be there is another way to do this?