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Complex straight table - age analysis


I have attached an example below of what I need, hope this makes sense.

First the basics

Financial periods run from July to June

What I need is some what to bring the previous months total through for calculation purposes but I do not want to to reflect. If possible it can be reflected in the header of the table.

We want to reduce the actual by 'n certain percentage per year, say 12 %, so I put a monthly percentage of 1% in the perc field(this is actually handled by 'n slider that they can set and the value of the slider is then divided by 12.

The amount column is the ideal of what the amount should be reduced by to reach the target, and then the target column shows what the value would be if the target is reached.

So the first questions is if I select financial year 1314 which is from 201307 to 201406, how can I bring the value of the previous month through on calculations as set out in the example file attached.

Second question is just maybe any other advice anyone can give how to do this better?

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