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Creator III
Creator III

Condition with colour functions

I have two parameters and want to create  an expression with condition cases and colour background on basis of it

It would be kind of nested IF loop:

if(field='Correction Done')


   case 1:

    (Deviation after sounding==Difference Vs Log Survey) then green()

case 2:

    (Deviation after sounding - Difference Vs Log Survey ) !=0 then yellow()


   red()  //´(field='Correction  Not  Done')

I am not sure with the syntax.And where should I use to generate a  graph with this function?

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Master II
Master II

If I haven't misplaced a parenthesis, try:

if(field='Correction Done'),

    if(Deviation after sounding=Difference Vs Log Survey,green(),

    if(Deviation after sounding - Difference Vs Log Survey <>0,yellow())),


You would put this in the Background color of the Chart Expression