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Conditional formatting

I want to use a route map for a transport system and show the value of say ticket sales at each stop.

I planned on using a text box for each stop (maybe just add a picture of a dot to the text box?)

I wanted the text box/ picture of the dot to be formatted in different colors depending on the value.

Rather than enter absolute values to the text box i wanted them to just change color as they do in Excel ie the highest value say dark red and the lowest a very pale red

Any ideas?

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Can you provide any sample of the excel file it will better but i thing you can use .selection count or the images.


Thanks & Regards


Text in text boxes has a color button in Properties->Font. If you open the corresponding dialog, you will find a Base Color area on the right. Select "Calculated" instead of fixed, and enter an expression that results in a variable RGB value depending on the value of the data point. Use rgb(), colormix1() and colormix2() functions and your original datapoint expression to present a dynamic color for each route point.

There is a great tool for such things if you're not familiar with the colormix functions. In the above "Calculated" expression field, open the Edit Expression dialog (press the gray "..." button) and from the File menu, select Colormix Wizard...

Good luck,



Text box  properties goto font tab

select color - base color (conditional) - expression.


Will give the desired output

Please see attached

Hope this helps