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Creator II
Creator II

Conditionale load from qvd and conditional concat using variables

Im calling a sub after setting a variable's value . According to this value it should perform either a load from qvd and then concatenate records or only perform a normale load. As a OO programmer just copying (99 % same) code to solve this issue is not an option.

My pseudo code reads:


If $CurrentYear = ‘2012’ then {
LOAD * FROM [$(vpath.QVDTarget)Metacom_WeegBonnen.qvd] (qvd);
Concatenate LOAD  }



            Field1   As Field_1,

            …         ;

(in Total 45 fields, whom some are skipped and others are calculated in both ‘runs’ )

FROM $(vpath.DBs)Receipt$(CurrentYear);

Store Receipts into Receipts.qvd (qvd)

After setting the var $CurrentYear to 2011 it should just load records and store them to a qvd. The second call when variable is set to 2012 this qvd should at first be loaded and remaining records should then be concatenated. Just always loading the qvd is not an option as any 'old data'  stored in a qvd should be replaced during a 'reload' . 

Please advice me in configuring the bold part of this pseudo coding into a script. Please pay no attention to any syntax errord in my current example.

Thanks in advance

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