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Connecting to the data source which is not in network using QlikView Desktop via Internet!

Hi All,

Can we connect to the data source which is residing in our office and which is not in network from end user place using QlikView Desktop via internet? Please let me know the same as I am planning to try this so that I can work on real time data and also can check out the efficiency of it.

If it is possible to be done and those who have already done it please let me know how to do the same.

2 Replies
Creator III
Creator III

Of course you can.. But that's not a qlikview issue.

For that you need to use a Client-Server VPN, or maybe SSD / FTP, depending what kind of data you need to get..

I think the easies way is to use a VPN, but as I said, that's something totally external to qlikview.

Creator III
Creator III


As Cristian said,APN connection is the ideal. but in order to manage the situation, you could even log on to another PC or server at office using remote desktop log in and do the operations.