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Containers gets minimized-isch


I have experienced a strange thing. I've started working a lot with containers, since it's an easy way to group objects and quickly tab between groups of objects. But sometimes, objects and whole containers gets minimized when I tab between sheets or tab between objects within a container.

Attached is an example of how it can look when this happens. I've just tabbed into this sheet from another sheet, and then it looks like this. If I double click on the icon, the container will return to the original look. But it doesn't happen all the time I switch between sheets, so it's inconsistent.

Have anyone else noticed this and perhaps have an explanation?

Version 11.00.11154.0 IR



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It just happened again, but this time I just selected a year in my date selections.

Creator III
Creator III

I experience that all the time working with containers. It seems to be a bug in the recalculation of the inner objects. It also seems to happen more, the deeper you stack the containers (ie container in container)

The only workaround i have found so far is to force a recalculation of on screen objects,such as to deselect or change sheets.

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Has anyone found a solution for this issue?  I am experiencing this problem as well.  We are on version 11 SR2.