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Copy text from HTML textbox


I'm trying to get a textbox to display a couple formatted columns of data. I recently found this extension here that does the trick:

However, I also need the data displayed in the formatted textbox be able to be copied to the clipboard. Using the above extension I can get the format I want, but I cannot highlight or copy any text displayed in it.


  • Is there a way to copy copy the text displayed in a textbox using the above extension?
  • If not, could an alternative be to copy the text within the object via a "custom copy" button? If so, how would that be done?
  • Has anyone encountered this problem before and have any alternative suggestions?
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I'm also aware that there is a "Copy text to clipboard" native function for table boxes in AJAX. Is there an extension available that would apply this to a text box? I haven't been able to find anything unfortunately...