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Copying of objects in container boxes


I have a real challenge copying objects and adapting the layout on various Sheets within a Dashboard: The main element of the first sheet - which is my template for the layout - is a table_box with a number of objects and some "buffer boxes" - empty text_boxes that make sure the objects have the right proportions etc.

The layout in itself is okay and no Problem - only one of the six main "tiles" which make up the layout is another Container_box containing another "buffer box" and a Chart - that is the challenge: I can't seem to un-link the objects once I have taken them out without them becoming unresponsive (the object becomes Grey, with a big strikethrough)

Can somebody maybe help me with that? It's probably trivial, only a bit tricky.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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I guess I am on a good way though I'm by no means finished:

I have now built myself another TextBox as a "placeholder", blue so it can be distinguished, with the same size as the Chart that is in the small containerbox. I can thus swap objects without really changing anything - or so I hope. Then I seem to be able to safely unlink the objects and Change the formulas inside.

Let's see ...