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Creator III
Creator III

Correlation between main question and other questions survey

I have a survey containing aubout queustions. To every question a score is given form 1 to 10.

Now I want to present the average score on the x-axis and the correlation between question 2 to 10 and question 1 in a scatter-chart.

So I think the question is a dimension, the average of every questionscore is the first expression and the correlation between question1 and another question is the second expression.

However because every question is a different field, there have to be 9 calculations for the correlation :


correl(question1,question3) etc, etc

How do I get this in a chart ?

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Thinking out loud, what if you create concatenate field in the script and do the correlation calculation in the script itself. May be something like this:

LOAD Question & '-' & Question as Combo//All possible combination

          Correlation(Response, Response) as Corr //for each combination

you may then be able to use Combo as your dimension and Corr as your expression.

Please note: This is just an idea, I have not tested anything and have never done something like this before.



Creator III
Creator III

Maybe i did not understood you, but i did not succeed.

I enclose two qvws, an excel data sheet, and an example of the solution I am looking for.

As said : the x- as should show the average score for each question and the y-axis should show the correlation between question 1 and every other question

You're (or anyone others) help is very much appreciated