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Creator III
Creator III

Self-aware QVDs

Hi mates,

I've heard a couple times this term - Self-aware QVDs - and I am curious what it actually means. I heard this from folks who actually built data warehouse and data marts using QVDs.

Can someone shed some light on this term? My suspicion that this is just a fancy word that entails:

1) ensuring primary unique key for every QVD which is used to join to other QVDs

2) safe naming convention for column names to minimize issues with synthetic keys / accidental concatenation

3) dates compatibility with a shared master calendar QVD

is there anything else?

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Master II
Master II

Interesting,let see some one will give answer here!


I reckon it's their own personal jargon. I've never heard anyone mention self-aware qvd's before.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
Creator III
Creator III

thing is I've heard this from 3 people at least working for different companies some were presenters on a Qlik conference and a conversation with another guy was very brief - Unfortunately i do not have their contact information to ask.

Creator III
Creator III

check out this link

some company has launched this as kind of modeling approach


Creator II
Creator II

!) Create id unique column (number) on every qvd file.

2) use unique names to avoid synthetic keys. QUALIFY is a solution......

3) Create a unique  QVD calendar.

One of the column should be forced to date format.


SELECT.... date#( date , 'YYYY-MM-DD')


calendar (qvd)....

date is the date field on format 'YYYY-MM-DD'