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Count Total Number of Active Users

Hi All,

I am trying to count the number of active users who are able to use mobile email service.

My criteria of an active users is that they should have consecutive log in for 15 days.

These are the possible formula that I created as a variable which didn't work

  • =if({(today()-date(DataPullDate))<=15},count(LoginName))

  • = count  ( distinct(if (today() - date([Last Success Sync])<90),[LoginName]))

From the past thread that I have, I was given a formula =Count({<LoginName={"=(today()-date(DataPullDate))<=15"}>} LoginName) but it is not showing the correct numbers of active users who logged in for 15 days.

Moreover, I am using QlikView 11 but our server is using qlikview 10 so in my straight table, the settings that I have indicated in the Dimension Limits to show records that are greater or equal to 90 is not working. I think the problem is here that the settings in version 11 is not supported by our server which is currently in version 10.


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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

I think to fix your first formula, it should look like this:

  • =if((today()-date(DataPullDate))<=15,count(distinct LoginName))

As for Using QV11 with Server 10, yeah, that is a problem.  You should upgrade to Server11, or you could try a conditional calculation, or conditional sort.  You'd have to play around with it.



     Use like below expression


  • = if((Num(today())-Num(DataPullDate))<=15},count(LoginName))

  • =  if((Num(today())-Num([Last Success Sync]))<=90},count(Distinct LoginName))



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It Iyyappan V, it didn't work Moreover, I observed you used a close bracket but there is no open bracket in your formula, are trying to establish a set expression? If yes, I put the open bracket as shown below, but still didn't work...

  • = if({(Num(today())-Num(DataPullDate))<=15},count(LoginName))

  • =  if({(Num(today())-Num([Last Success Sync]))<=90},count(Distinct LoginName))
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Hi Nate,

I tried that formula before but it didn't give me any values...

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Have you tried to make a flag in your loading script?

What you could do is something like:

Load ....



IF (LEFT((NUM(Today())),5)-LEFT(NUM(MAX(LastSuccessSync)),5) < 15 , 1) as CountActive.


From ...

I think this way you could use :   Sum(CountActive)

Good Luck,