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Count problem...



i've got this table and i want to build a graphic that shows how many people were born in each year of the column "ANNO_NASCITA".

When i try to build a graphic i used function COUNT, but the graphic shows me each year of the table... for example i've two slice for the year 1945 !! So what kind of function i've to use to solve this problem??

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Partner - Specialist


what do you count? how is your expression?

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Usa come dimensione l'anno di nascita e come espressione:

count(Matricola), dovrebbe funzionare.

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Master III

Can you show your app?

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Partner - Creator III

Do you want to count the people born in a particular year , if that is the case then you must have the names in some column ,

so try this in dimention you will take year in x-axis and expression write : substringcount(Name,Name)