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Create To and From Calendar in QlikView



In my QlikView Application, I had a field called [ITEM RELEASE DATE], is it possible to create a calender object that allows the user to select the start and from date?


Does anyone have a guide for this that can help me create this from scratch? I want the user to be able to select dates of interest and then see what items have been released within those dates. 



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have you tried using a slider?




Thanks for your reply. The slider doesn't give me the correct display and doesn't display the dates correctly. I'd like to use two calendar objects, one that has the minimum date and another with the maximum date. So when the user makes a selection on each object, it will show items that have been released within that date range.


How do I achieve that? 


Any help please? 

Master II
Master II

The QlikView calendar object  as far as I know, does not support selecting to and from dates. Qlik Sense didn't even ship with a calendar object (though an extension is bundled in now). You can select a range of dates by dragging over that range, and you can select multiple ranges (or span multiple months) by holding CTRL on the keyboard. That's about it.

If you're willing to try your luck with an extension, there should be some out there that provide this functionality. A quick search turned up:



But I couldn't tell you first-hand if these still work and match your use case. For the most part, people just wind up using preset periods (years, quarters, months, weeks) or selecting a smallish range of dates, which the calendar does support through drag-select.



Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Have a look around the Design Blog area, here is a post that may help, not sure, but you can use the second link to search just the Design Blog area, as there are quite a few posts on date/calendar handling...




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