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QlikView Calendar Extension Object For Multi-Range Date Selection


QlikView Calendar Extension Object For Multi-Range Date Selection

How to select a date range consisting of several dissimilar periods on Qlikview ?

To make it clearer, suppose that we try to select some months and some weeks and some days, each consisting different dates, all together. It is quite difficult to make such a selection by using either standart calendar objects like listboxes / select fields containing years,months, and weeks  or variable –based calendar objects that enable range selection.

So, is there any way to make it easier ?  Well, actually, this is not so easy in standard QlikView environment.

Fortunately, Qlikview  Extensions allow us to create custom objects to get the functionalitiy, behaviour  and visualisation we want.Thanks to this feature i was able to create an object extension to perform the task.

This extension initially create a calendar which has a standart form can be navigated through the years with months , weeks and days that each can be selected  independently.

On the calendar you can select from months, weeks and days all together regardless of how many cell you picked and you can do the same for other years unlimitedly. As specialty of the object it holds all selections in itself until they are passed to QlikView or cleared. Thus, the calendar provides a great flexibility in date selection and makes it quite simple.

The object initialize the calendar just as launched without needing any setting but if you want to pass the selection to qlikview you have to set the dimension as the date field that represents the number of dates.(num(date)).

Compatible QlikView versions:  QV 11.2 , QV12


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Mehmat,

Not sure on the reason , but the above extension is not working. even the sample extension that you have given as well  not working and showing an error as  "This is mydev"




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