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Create a filter "by the number of entries"


Hi, I'm trying to build a first dashboard with Qlikview:



The general theme is about customer service Management.



I have a table with all customer devices and a second table of all the service requests that have been received on these devices.



Table 1 is approximately the following structure:


[Device ID], [Customer], [Location], ...



Table 2 as:


[Ticket no.] [Device ID], [Incident Category], ...



For each service request a new ticket is opened, so there can be multiple tickets for a single device.



What I'd like to create is a query where I can filter based on the number of service requests per ticket.



something like this:


#Tickets | #Devices


0 | 130


1 | 257


2 | 83


3 | 174


... | ...



Does anyone have an idea?



Thank you very much





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