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Create data within Qlikview


I currently have data points by quarter for 2013, I am projecting up to Q4 2019 based on a formula using 3 variables in Excel, then loading all the data into Qlikview. [formula is (previous year data) - (previous year data)*vA - (previous year data)*vB - (previous year data)*vC]  The idea is to be able to change the data based on the variables using the sliders in Qlikview. I have created sliders using the same variables, then wrote a similar expression into the graph so that as each slider moves the projected dates move up and down. 

My problem is that, to me this is not a true method, ideally I would like to do all the projection calculating directly in Qlikview.  My current setup only moves my projection points up or down at the same interval (slope doesn't change) instead of increasing/decreasing slope.

I think the solution would be to somehow load the data then calculate the projected data (currently happening in excel) in Qlikview instead, then the sliders for each variable will provide true dynamic adjustment matching the formula.

Hopefully this is an accurate description of what I am aiming to achieve.



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Master II
Master II


You could consider R for predictive analytics. You can push input data for calculations and get the modeling results of modeling.

For moving the slope you can just write more complex expression that calculates smooth values for different periods.