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Contributor II
Contributor II

Creating Chart to reflect different time frames


I am trying to create a line chart that will allow the user to review different time frames of data. For example, if the user selects fiscal year 2016, I want the chart to populate the data for fiscal 2016 and 2015. I would also like it if the chart was able to not only do years, but months as well. For example, if the user selects Fiscal year 2016 June, I would want the chart to show data for Fiscal year 2016 June and Fiscal year 2015 June.

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I assume, You want only for this year and Last Year

Sum({<Year, [fiscal year] = {"$(='>=' & Max([fiscal year] - 1) '<=' & Max([fiscal year])))"} >}Sales)

Following your expression for month vs month, year vs year should be:

sum({<[fiscal year] ={$(=max(Num(Year(Date(Today())))-1)), $(=max(Num(Year(Date(Today())))))}, FiscalPeriod={$(=max(Num(Month(Date(Today())))))}>} Sales)

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