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Creating a link to a URL that varies by Customer

I have a Url that varies by Customer as a field in a TABLE.

I'd like to replace that long URL with a shorter link.

For example, my URL looks something like http://2015blah.com/customer-details.cfm? CustID=123456.   As customer ID changes, so will the link

Instead of showing this, I'd prefer a much shorter hyperlink pointing to this link.  For example CustID=123456

1) Is this possible in a TABLE or should I be using a CHART?

2) I've been able to do this in a BUTTON sheet object - for whatever reason, less obvious to me in a TABLE


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Hi Rick, in a table (straight or pivot, not in table box) you can set 'link' as presentation and use an expression with this format:

=Name & '<url>' & Link


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Thanks Ruben

I am trying to add to a straight table from the Chart opntion. 

I can see how that works if the website is 'fixed'    In my case, it varies by a customer_ID

For example, for customr 123456, the weblink will be:

http://2015blah.com/customer-details.cfm? CustID=123456


Hi Rick, you can follow the first example to create a dynamic link, in example:

=CustomerName & '<url> http://2015blah.com/customer-details.cfm? CustID=' & Customer_ID

or just '<url> http://2015blah.com/customer-details.cfm? CustID=' & Customer_ID


Hi Rick, you can follow the first example to create a dynamic link, in example:

=CustomerName & '<url> YourLink.cmf? CustID=' & Customer_ID

or just '<url> YourLink.cfm? CustID=' & Customer_ID

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Creator III


Concatinate Static part of the url(use variable for static part of the url) and dynamic part as string and place URL tag before that in the stright table with expression then it will work fine.