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Creating a multilayered graph with conditional settings

Hello again,

Still very new to QlikView and to SetAnalysis, and need help again creating a stacked graph.  I have attached a file with the columns in question.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

What I want is

1. Only "Southeast" REGION data [I figure I'll use set analysis to limit data to "Southeast" region, but not sure where to do this or how]

2. Only results of value "5" for all Questions (Q2, Q15, and Q16) [Not sure if I use set analysis or conditional expression]

3. the X-axis to be the Questions [I assume I have each question be an expression]

4. a stacked graph with C_State (GA, SC, NC).

In the end, I want a graph that looks like this:


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Creator II
Creator II

Yes Karen, you would require to do set Analysis, to filter out your result.In order to get selected states in rthe dimension, you can create a new dimension using if condition.