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Creating a scatter chart - providing the right data.

I am trying to create a scatter chart with data coming from a single table.  I want to see a scatter (X,Y) relationship between the price of a unit and the number of units sold.  What do I do to provide the data to through the create chart wizard to make the scatter plot draw correctly?  In other words, when I specify the dimensions, X should be price per unit, and Y should be number of units sold.

So far, I am not providing data to Qlikview in the manner it wants to render such a graph. I am a long time Excel user, but trying my best to use a tool such as Qlikview.

I have searched several places trying to find an example of a scatter plot.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Creator II
Creator II

Ben, did you ever receive a response to your question or figure out the answer?

You might need to consider whether a grid chart would fit your needs.

I've attached a very simple .qvw file which has the most basic data set:


    X, Y

    1, 10

    2, 20

    3, 30

    4, 40

    5, 50

    6, 40

    7, 30

    8, 20

    9, 10

    10, 0

    1, 5

];          // Note the repeated X value of 1

You can see how the grid chart shows each data value separately and the scatter chart sums up the Y field.

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I did get this resolved. Easier than I thought. Create a scatter chart (first picture, lower left icon), and then choose the X,Y properties on the expressions tab.