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Contributor III
Contributor III

Cumulative value in the graph


I have in my Qlikviewbericht data from an Excel list.


Year / Month: Jan16 Feb16 Mar16 Apr16

Default: 10 12 12 15

Actual value 5 13 11 19

coloring; red green red green

Color Cumulative: red red red red

I Face the as graph with lines (default) and bars (Is) represents.

If the actual values ​​(bars), I have a query regarding the coloring deposited with background color.

If the actual value is higher than the default should the bar be green, otherwise red.

Now I have my formulas [sum (actual value)] and [sum (default)] copied again and called these "cumulative" and the option with the graphics "Accumulation: Full accumulation" is selected.

The values ​​are displayed correctly, but my color scheme of the background is not working so. Even if I have the name of the formulas "actual value cumulated" behind lege instead the formulas Farbgebgung is always "actual values" is displayed and not the accumulated values ​​?!

Is there a way to change that?

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