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Contributor II
Contributor II

Current Selection as Dimension

Hi all,

I have Week filter having Week numbers from 1 to 52.  I need to use Week as Dimension in Pivot Table.

My requirement is i need to show sum of sales for only selected weeks.

i.e if I select week 23 & 27 my Pivot should  show Week 23 & 27th Sales value.

Can anybody help. Thanks in advance.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

The ideal way is to have week number associated to your data model (date field).  You'd only need Week as your dimension in the pivot and sum(sales) as your expression.  Any reason this cannot be done?


By its nature,qlik automatically does that. Whatever the selection you make in your filters , those entire selections will be carry forward to your entire dashboards unless you overide them using set analysis and alternative states. Please be more specific about your requirement and let's hand together with community folks to get a solution'