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Cursors in QlikView


Does qlikview have cursor concepts? Is the qlikview engine/optimizer designed based on SET theory ( like sql & sybase optimizer) ?

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Nope. You interact with the entire data set in the qlikview document. See this document: http://qlikdevgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/Hamburg-Event01-Session01-QIX-Engine-Under-the-hood.pdf

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Thanks for sharing. I will look into it. Say for example, If I have 5 GB of data, it will apply 'Table Scan' , right ? Does qlikview support Indexes ( clustered, Non Clustered equivalent kind of indexes) ?


Qlikview is not a relational database management system. Forget everything about queries, indexes, tables scans, cursors and all those other artifacts of rdbms systems that are part of the technical implementation of such systems. Qlikview doesn't have them.

Well, there is something you could call an indexing system. But not the way you think of them with your sql goggles on. Just read the pdf I linked to. Or this blog post: Symbol Tables and Bit-Stuffed Pointers

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand