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DB Connection String for Qlikview Script

Hello Team -

Urgent need.

I have the Oracle client installed on d:\  and created a connection string using qlikview scripts. QV is also installed on d:\. 


The QMC root folder is pointed to SAN drive e:\ using UNC (\\\QV\Docs\) where all my qvw and qvd are located in e:\

I've saved the connection section in a .txt file in E:\ and use "Include" statement to call with in the script.

when i use EDX to trigger a task, the .qvw failed to reload as it says "Unable to open db connection", because the .txt is located in e:\ rather than in D:\ where oracle client is installed and some how qlikview is unable to go to D:\ and make a connection successful. 

any work around for this.




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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Sean, the key thing on this one is two-fold, the service account needs to know how to get to both the include file first, and then if there are any paths in that include file, it will also have to be able to parse those as well, so if you are using mapped drives, those can be problematic if the service account has no knowledge of those mappings.  The only potential way I know of trying to get around that would be to login as the service account and configure those mapped drives, but I am not sure if that will work or not when things are running as a service and not logged on user...  This is why we recommend using UNC paths to avoid the drive mappings.  I am afraid I am not much more help without being able to see things in more detail.  They should work provided the service account knows how to get to everything, so hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction to get it sorted.


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