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Contributor II

Data Governance Task Reload Timestamp

Good evening, community!

I'm trying to check some statistics about our server, including reload times and the works, and so I'm using the Data Governance Dashboard 2.0 to streamline the analysis. Sadly, I found an issue with the timestamps in the XML files use to feel the dashboard. I've checked the community for help (and found many posts detailing a solution for this), and found that changing the timestamp format in script should solve the issue, but no matter how hard I try, or in how many different ways I change the timestamp, I cannot get the dashboard to show the dates for the tasks. 


The format in the XML files for our server is "30/03/2019 01:20:00 p.m." (you can find the format in the attached xml). I cannot download a newer Data Governance version (it's not showing in the downloads section, or the direct links I've found are dead or redirect me to said download page) nor can I log into the Qlik Support page to post directly there, that's why I turn to the community for help. 

Can someone help me with the right format I should use, or a possible workaround for the 2.0 version? What am I doing wrong in the format setting? Has someone been able to make this work with a non-US timestamp format?

Thanks for the help!!!!

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Hi @EderMachado 

This article might help to resolve the problem:

Governance Dashboard 2.x : YYYY/DD/MM hh:mm:ss Timestamp Format Expected

It is recommended to have the latest version of the dashboard as it has bug fixes and improvements, the dashboard is available at:

Kind regards.



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