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Data Links in Qlikview - Hash Key??

I have to use 2011 and 2012 data. The fields in the file are BUYER, SMIC, DIVISION, but I ONLY want to use SMIC,DIVISION.

So, for example in my file:






If I select Buyer 08 today (it is 2012), I will get 200(#2) and 300(#3) for 2011 values, and not 1000 (#1). And, 300 (#4) for 2012 data.

The Buyer Code (08 or 12) is irrelevant.  Is this solved by a HASH(SMIC,DIVISION) key?

If I select Buyer=08 on my Dashboard, how can I get the correct records of 200,300,and 1000?

Thank you.

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