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Date Format Issue

Hello, I am loading 3 .xlsx spreadsheets into Qlikview, all contain two date columns, DATE_A & DATE_B, both formatted to dd/mm/yyyy. However, once loaded in, DATE_A reads dd/mm/yyyy, and DATE_B reads yyyymmdd. I require both dates to be presented yyyymmdd. As the spreadsheets are from a 3rd party, I cannot alter them prior to the load. I've tried the Qlikview site, late last night, both nothing is working so far? Any advised would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @MaxwellMiky 

Try with alt function like below

date(alt( date#( dat , 'dd/mm/yyyy' ),date#( dat , 'YYYYmmdd' ) ),'DD/MM/YYYY')

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R