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Date logic clarification


I have 2 fiels (Intiation data, Implementation date).For each Emp ID there is initiation date ( when the account was open)and implementation data (when the account was closed).


Emp id -001

Initiation date on 01/02/13  and implementation date is 22/10/13.

Emp ID - 002

Initiation date on 01/02/13  and implementation date is 2/11/13.

Emp Id 003:

Initiation date on 01/02/13  and implementation date is 22/04/13.

Emp Id 004:

Initiation date on 01/05/13  and implementation date is 22/08/13.

My result should be account opened on feb count is 04(all the account opened on 01/02/13). and March is 04 and april is 03(because emp id 03 opened on 01/02/13 and implemented on 22/04/13), May is 4(01/05/13  and implementation date is 22/08/13.), jun is 4, july 4, Aug is 3(closed on 22/08/03), Sep 3, Oct 2(closed on 22/10/13), Nov 1.

Really appriciate your help on this.



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You can create a record for each month the emp ID is valid, then use a simple count to count your open cases.



Cannot understand your  result , can you plese explain in more proper way

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I need a count of open account((1. count = open account - closed account ) 2. Month wise irrespective of whether the acount is open or not in  particualr month)

For example.

3 Account was open in a particular month(ex March)  and 2 account was open in May , 1 was closed in july and 2 account was closed in april(which was opened in March)

The result is March -3

April - 1(3 opened and 2 was closed)

May  - 3(April + May)

June - 3

July  - 2

i h

Thanksope this is clear.