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Dealing with product name changes

Hi Guys,

We have recently rebranded our product range, and many items now have different product names, and example - Extra Cold Winter Cycle has been replaced with Extra Cold Weather Cycle. My question is, is there a solution to being able to compare the figures after the name changes to the previous year's sales, or does it have to be considered a new product? Currently the users are having to manually compare the figures, which is not ideal!

Many thanks


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Creator III
Creator III

You need to think about Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD Type 2) implementation. If you have an Item Number (Business Key) in your data model - it wouldn't be a problem.

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They will be different primary keys I believe.

Where can I find more information on SCDs? I'm sorry, very much new to Qlikview and the forum!


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Thank you very much, I will take a look.