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Decoding Binary Data


Can anyone help me to understand if there is Binary decoding functionality in Qlikview?

I have a list of attachments stored in the table encoded in BASE64BIT.I could decode it in Binary.But couldn't find the option in Qlikview to decode it and display as the attachment file.

Any help will be deeply appreciated 🙂





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Master II
Master II

Hi Geethu,

I don't think this is possible with the current versions (to be confirmed by the experts).

But in my opinion tries to use the decode at SQL level before loading the results into Qlik.

a link on the subject Link 


Taoufiq ZARRA

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Support (Former)

Gandalf, I am in agreement with Taoufiq on this one, I am not aware of any means to decode this on our side, I looked around in the Help site, but I was not able to find anything, so I believe the other post is the likely best answer.  If you found what you needed from the link provided there, be sure to circle back and use the Accept as Solution button on that post to give credit for the assistance and let other Community Members know that helped.  Sorry I do not have something better for you.


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