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Deleting Tasks from Management Console


I have tasks on the management console, that were disabled as below (Right clicked and then disabled) due to the reloads failing.

in the meantime, these documents were deleted, and replaced with new versions of the same files with the very same name.

these worked fine and created additional tasks but the disabled tasks were still present.

However, our server is experiencing heavy load and i am in the process of cleaning all these up.  Before deleting unused QVW's -

I did disable the actual QVW and put reloading on "None", this seems to remove the tasks associated with the file, however, the past errors are still there and when I enable them - they do not look to see if the file exists and if not - clear themselves.

Can anyone assist in how to remove these tasks - and possibly let me know if these do instead have some if any effect on the performance or sequence of reloads.


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Your screenshot is of the tasks view. You can't delete tasks from there AFAIK. To delete tasks, you need to go to the Documents view and navigate to the qvw file for the task. From there, you can delete the task. Deleting the qvw does not cause the task to be deleted.

You need to delete the task before deleting the qvw. If you do delete the qvw and leave the task behind, the task becomes an orphan and there is no delete option. You can create a new empty qvw with the same name and location as the one on which the task was based; then you can delete the tasks and the dummy qvw.

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