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Dev: QlikView Access point is taking 20 Seconds to load...

Hi All

I am posting this question to all the QlikView Server guru's

In Dev and Prod I am running Window 2008 R2, IE 11.0.9, QlikView 11.20 SR15

In Dev i am running a single install. Prod is clustered.

Both are HP Servers but Prod is a newer hardware.

QlikView configurations are identical.

I am using QlikView Web browser configuration on both environments.

My Developers and testers are complaining that loading QlikView Access point is not the same as in production.

Prod Access point is taking 2 seconds load the application.

Dev Access point is taking 20 seconds to load. This was not the case a while ago. Some where something has changed.

I also did a repair on Dev. Server version. No change.

I am not able to figure out why one enviornment is taking longer than the other ennviornment?


Arish Delon

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