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Creator III
Creator III

Differents container visibility options

QV 12.40.20200.0

I am making an application with a container, I need a textbox (red border) above each list. Do not ask why I need a text box (red border) above the container, 99% of users here do not understand this. Just like that.

The problem is that in the same browser the same version (chrome, 79.0.3945.130), but on different platforms (QV Desktop, QV Desktop - WebView, Windows Chrome, Android Chrome, IpadOS Chrome) I see different options visibilityof the position of the container, which breaks the whole idea of ​​the presence of these text boxes.

I am enclosing screenshots of various variations of visibility.
I am letting you know so that you can fix it.

P.S. Text boxes are needed to run vbs code to synchronize the visibility of the list in the container (logically the same container) on different sheets.

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Well, I thought I had a theory, but it appears we made a change somewhere along the way and the setting of which I was thinking is no longer in play from what I can see, but I think it is the most probable cause of things and that is the font you are using is not available on the platforms showing issues...  I would verify the font you are using in the app is present on all the platforms, as that is the only thing of which I can think that should be messing with the layout...


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