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Dimensions with BackgroundColor Bug


there seems to be bug with QV11.

I have table with three dimensions. The second gets BG-Color red and the third gets green.

Now if give the second dimension a conditional show and it disappears, the third dimension gets the second dimensions BG-Color.

Does anyone know a workaround?

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Master II
Master II

I can't duplicate what you say you are seeing. I'm using QV 11.2 SR12.

Champion III
Champion III

I cannot duplicate in QV 11.2 SR5.


I can't reproduce it either. It appears your sample was saved in QV11 SR1, which is four years old by now. You may want to try an upgrade to see if it fixes your problem.


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Thx for all replies!

At home it worked with version 12 SR 1. Actually im using an older version on work.

So you're probably right. I'll try an upgrade.