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Contributor III
Contributor III

Direct Discovery

Hi everybody,

I'm new using direct discovery functionality on Qlikview, I already read about the limitations of this functionality but I want to know if someone have solved the same issue that I have. First of all, the information that I have to process is about 2 billions of registers so I want to know the propertly solution to build. So, I have this two questions.

I always use set analysis to calculate YTD, MAT, Rolling 12 or work with As of Period model to calculate KPI's based on periods. How I can do that on Direct Discovery? I have create a table with this metrics,mesures and load as a Direct Discovery Table too?

How can I control the calculations on Qlikview Direct Discovery If I going to have more than 2 billions of registers, because try to load information of billion of registers in QVD for Historical information I think is not the best way to do that.

Best Regards !!!


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1)Direct Discovery: Workarounds for Set Analysis (1/3)

2) Not sure why you want to control the data through direct discovery.If the size of the data is concerned, look at this video where the user is working with 1 trillion rows of data: Trillion Row Qlik-on-Vertica Dashboard - YouTube