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Disable Module Security for Document popup and set it to Allow any Macros as a default

I want to disable Module Security(Macros access) pop up for all users in the server and set default as Allow any Macros.

But looks like there's isn't any registry entry to do so, Problem with setting.ini is that you cannot predefine this flag to ignore popup.

that means for each time Qlikview open a new file for which it doesn't has a application checksum registered in its user's Setting.ini it will ask for the level of macros script security(once first time only).

Does anyone knows how to disable popup as root for all the application opened in local and on Server(open in server)? does anyone know what kind of check sum does Qlikview generates and how can i generate in pragmatically?

Application Version : Qlikview v12.10


Pop upPop upSetting.iniSetting.ini

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I think it's not possible because allowing or denying the execution of macros is an important user-setting and therefore it couldn't be set globally. Behind the checksums is probably any kind of hash-logic which is surely not official documented.

Even if you could bypass these security measures and manipulating the settings.ini you shouldn't do it because it's an enormous security risk and I also doubt that's be allowed by the policies of your company.

Why shouldn't the user just allow or deny the macro-execution per popup window?

- Marcus