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Disable Repository in a document

Hi, I've browsed around Sheet and Document properties, and reference info online, and see how to disable adding objects, reports, and bookmarks, but I really just want the repository feature itself disabled- the button and the action in the right-click menu.

I have section access in script for ADMIN and USER on the document originally to let it only be on the accesspoint menu for people who have access to it.

Also within the sheets, I have them set to conditional show when =match(lower(osuser()),....)>0 to conceal sheets people don't need.

Now I just need to make the repository button and menu action go away to fully secure the contents of the document.  (I think that's the only gap left that allows people access to actual data from other tabs.  Not so worried about expressions or lists of fields.)

If I get something that works, I'll come back and post, just hoping someone can beat me to it or come up with something better than whatever I come up with.  Thanks!

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Hi, I couldn't get this to work myself and it seems to be 50/50 in success for people responding to that thread.  It looks like it's working a good amount for people on version 10 but not version 11 SRs and I'm on version 11.  I had the qar file saved in the directories specified, but my document wasn't seeing it, so I was probably further off the mark than others who almost succeeded- I didn't pitbull it much because it started looking like everyone using version 11 was unsuccessful, and because I found a compromise that's good if not optimal.

Good but not optimal compromise for my purpose (keep people from getting data from sheets that are hidden from them):

I found that disabling add sheet objects addresses my concern about people getting data from tabs they can't view.  They can still see the list of objects in the repository, but with add sheet objects disabled, they can't drag any out onto their sheet to see what's inside- it just acts like you're selecting text and the + symbol is not responsive.  Slightly annoying, but seeing the names of charts isn't so bad as seeing sensitive data contained therein I think (and thinking I could give them more generic captions like 'Metrics' and the person who can actually see the data will know what it is).  I toggled add sheet objects off and on and was able to drag or not drag things out of the repository depending on that setting, so it's a confirmed partial solution.

Add objects capability can be toggled off via document properties->security (or was it server) and probably a good idea to uncheck the add sheet objects on the sheet properties->security (and apply to all sheets.)