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Display Max Date Values only and background color of the dimensions in the same Table

Hi All,

I have a requirement to display only the Max Date values in the table. I could achieve that using the formula , Set analysis 

Sum({$<COBDate_Input = {"$(=Max(COBDate_Input))"}>} APAC_SPEND_CHF).

But the issue is , when i give a condition on certain other dimension columns for the background color (For Example if Column A = 'ABC',color red), the other date values also appear. Kindly suggest.

How do i handle the dimension background color.


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Are you using column reference or an expression? If it is an expression are you adding the same set analysis that you have in your main expression to your color expression?


No i haven't used the set analysis in background expression editor.

Soo are you telling that i need to use my set analysis expression into the background expression?

This is my set analysis expression for a Measure : Sum({$<COBDate_Input = {"$(=Max(COBDate_Input))"}>} APAC_SPEND_CHF)

But i need to bkg colour to another column which is a dimension. which has values H,VH,M. Like for H, Bck needs to be red etc

Kindly suggest how do i use the set analysis to a dimension.


What exactly is your background expression right now?