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Display only selected items from a subset limited by Set Analysis

Hi, I have a list of sales records which are identified via their BatchCode and have created an expression to display them on a BarChart as follows:

=Sum({<BatchCode={"ABC-001","ABG-002","AFG-005","XYZ-135","LMN-142".. }>}Revenue

I have a List Box object that I use to list specific BatchCodes which I would like to analyze. The expression is as follows:



or BatchCode='ABG-002'

or BatchCode='AFG-005'

or BatchCode='XYZ-135'

or BatchCode='LMN-142'



Currently, all my BatchCodes in the above set will always be shown, regardless of which BatchCodes I select.

I would like to display only BatchCode(s) from this subset which I select, instead of displaying the entire list of BatchCodes.

How should I change my expression to enable this?

Thanks in advance!

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Master III


got it solved? if not, you can try this..

Create one variable and assign the concat value of your Batch code. Like

Variable  :  v1

Definition : =Concat(DISTINCT chr(34)&BatchCode&chr(34),',')

Expression : sum({<BatchCode={$(v1)}>}Revenue)



You can create same field in Script


if(wildmatch(BatchCode,'ABC-001','ABG-002','AFG-005'),BatchCode) as New_BatchCode

Use above field in Front End list box


For Expression you can write



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