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Creator II
Creator II

Display unlimited identical ranked rows


I'm using a calculated dimension with the Rank function on the Deviation metric to limit  top 10 values in a straight table.

What I want to see are the top 10 values for different dates. But the Rank function limits the number of table rows

How do I remove the limit from the number of rows so I can see the top 10 deviations without the rows limitation?

Thanks in Advance!




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Former Employee
Former Employee

Have a look at the following Design Blog posts, may be helpful:

Hopefully those may help.


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Creator II
Creator II

Thank you for this link.

I resolved the issue by using AGGR with the Rank function:

=if(aggr(rank(Avg({<DateTime = {">=$(vYearStart) <=$(vMaxDateTime)"},Month=,Year=>}Deviation),4,1),DateTime)<=30,Timestamp(DateTime),Null())