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Divide QVD with incremental load


I have to work with a volume of data in a very large DB table, so I have decided to do an incremental load and store it in a QVD.
The problem is that I don't want the size of the QVDs to be more than 6GB. Doing tests for about nine million records, the resulting QVD is 2GB, so I want to control that when doing the incremental load of the data when it passes, for example, 20 million records, it starts to store in a new QVD, and from this way to have several QVD files of about 6GB each.

My code contains:


--- SQL Code for data

Concatenate LOAD * FROM C:\temp\file.qvd (qvd);
STORE My_Table INTO C:\temp\file.qvd;
DROP Table My_Table;


I am new to qlikview and I don't know how I can control within my for loop the number of records that I am loading.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.

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